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The latest decorative flower pots

The Garden Pendant Collection was created by Duchess Designs. This is the first ever line of artful decorative lightweight flower pots in a hanging style that features a built-in water reservoir. The hand-painted flower pots were designed to be displayed singularly or in a grouped composition, and can be hung at various heights for added drama display. With The Garden Pendants the design options are limitless: they bejewel a garden room, both inside and outside.

These specialty planters are available for purchase, or as part of a garden design from Duchess Designs. Designer, Leeann Lavin, has a unique perspective on garden design. She approaches the garden art based on rigorous historical and native environmental research on one hand, and from the influence of a lush watercolor painting on the other, in order to create living works of art, either outside of your home or in an indoor garden room. For example, Duchess Designs has created themed gardens based on literature, classical music, and film. The Duchess Design team can help you make your own vision or dream a reality.

Unique hand painted flower pots

The Garden Pendant Collection's unique designs match a look and a mood. From the bright PINK, hand-painted flower pots of the Sea Bright Bikini Pendant to the ethereal beauty of the Highlands Sea Glass Pendant, these one-of-a-kind decorative flower pots add life to any room or outdoor garden. Whether you're looking for understated elegance or a flash of brilliance, the Collection has something for you. View our selection today, and purchase online using the secure payment gateway.

You may also contact the designer to inquire about the full portfolio of garden design services.


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