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Decorative indoor planters for your home

Duchess Designs is a premier garden design service that uses your passion and personality as a basis for creating a unique garden or garden room to reflect your unique lifestyle. And when Leeann couldn’t find attractive-looking hanging planters good enough to spec out for her garden design clients, (ugly plastic nor inefficient coco fiber would not do!) she had to create a line of decorative decorative indoor planters and hanging flower pots to complete a garden design look -- just as accessories complete a fashion statement. The specialty planters are the first lightweight, hand-painted hanging planters with a built-in water reservoir. The Garden Pendant Collection offers nine unique designs that are Leeann's watercolor paintings, inspired by nature and her special garden designs. The Garden Pendants give any room -- indoors or out -- an elegant, sophisticated look, while giving the plants a healthy, easy to care for solution.

Hanging Art Planted Pot

More than just hanging flower pots

The award-winning landscape designer, garden writer, and water-colorist is a New Jersey-based garden specialist who offers her clients unparalleled service; customized, artful garden looks; fine-gardening maintenance; seasonal container design and installation; creative garden design consultation; hands-on plant selection from local nurseries; and supervised garden installation. The design firm also creates a complete outdoor living space that reflects the homeowner's lifestyle. From outdoor showers, fireplaces, rills, and other water features to game areas and specially-designed driveways, Duchess Designs uses hand-picked, personally-selected stone, patio, or deck material to produce a one-of-a-kind design that is an enduring work of art; sure to provide pleasure and pride for the homeowner.

In addition, Duchess Designs can shop for garden accents, including statuary, pots, shade and sun umbrellas, porch “curtain” treatments, and outdoor furniture, offering clients an easy, seemless way to manage the creative design process. Duchess Designs brings the samples to the client to choose from.

At the same time, Duchess Designs produces its own line of unique, hand-painted, lightweight hanging flower pots and hanging planter pots for any "green" garden space.

Perfect planter pots

Plants are the focus of any designed garden, and a hanging plant is often overlooked as a design element. There is little choice in the market for good-looking hanging planters. Before the introduction of The Garden Pendant Collection, plant enthusiasts were relegated to ugly plastic or coco-fiber, which rarely holds the water for long. With the lightweight, built-in water reservoir featured in The Garden Pendant Collection, there is now a perfect solution for a hanging planter that not only provides a healthy growing environment for the plant, but also a spectacular vertical design element. Described as "Room Jewelry," the Garden Pendant Collection offers perfect planter pots for a sophisticated interior or exterior design with a selection of nine original, watercolor decorative indoor planters. The Garden Pendants have been recognized and featured by a variety of media including MAR Magazine, Garden Center Merchandising & Management Magazine, Garden Center Products & Supplies Magazine, Country Living, the BBC, NJ Magazine, The Bergen Record, The Two River Times, the Arkansas Democrat & Gazette, and The Atlanta Journal & Constitution


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