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Made of lightweight resin, with a built-in water reservoir, the hanging pots are weather proof, extremely resistant to breakage, and an ideal environment for growing healthy plants. The Garden Pendant Collection of planters makes it easy to care for plants, as the built in self-watering reservoir nourishes the plant accordingly.

"My passion is plants and design," said Leeann Lavin, founder of Duchess Designs and creator of The Garden Pendant Collection. " I searched high and low but was never able to find a lightweight hanging planter that was attractive enough to hang in my home or to offer to my garden design clients. There was a choice of ugly plastic with a big hook, coco-fiber that requires constant watering, or heavy, expensive, and hard-to-find ceramic - and most of these had no water reservoir.

"So I set out to design an elegant and functionally appealing line of hanging planters that would provide a healthy and easy-to-maintain living environment for the plants that would also complement the look of a garden room," Lavin continues.

Lavin paints the original watercolor designs that are interpreted for the hanging planters and also uses nostalgic children's garden images. She developed a manufacturing partner to custom-craft the mold and construction of the planter, along with the decorative flower toggle chain.

The result is the Garden Pendant Collection--best described as "room jewelry." Two lines are available from The Garden Pendant Collection by Duchess Designs:

  • The Portrait Line: rich, watercolor images or textile-like patterns
  • The Kid's Line: whimsical and fun imagery from the garden and nursery rhymes.
    Both lines offer a choice of a basic black hanging chain or the premium flower toggle chain
Additional designs include regional and cultural horticulture looks; textile-like art, including stripes, polka dots, toile, and geometrics; flowers and grasses; garden aesthetics including desert, rainbows, butterflies, dragonflies; Holidays: Easter, Christmas, Hanukkah, birthday; Colors; Passions including golf, cats, dogs, birds.

The Garden Pendant Collection by Duchess Designs offers a gardening and decorating solution to a problem that has long plagued garden enthusiasts. Ken Druse, one of the most influential figures in horticulture today (author, gardening editor for House Beautiful, and New York Times contributor) says in his New York City Gardener How-To & Source or Gardening in the Big Apple, "Many of us have plants hanging in containers… There is something romantic about vines that trail down in the light… All too often a beautiful hanging plant ends up with its unsightly plastic pot staring you right in the face." Druse continues, "Now, with the Garden Pendant Collection, there is a design alternative to solving the problem of how to hang a plant in a pot that not only complements the look of the plant, but the garden room too."




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