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  Local Garden Designer Discovers The Garden Link To Britain
…an intriguing tale of international garden design

Buryin Bloom Awards Cesremony


Atlantic Highlands, NJ-August 4, 2004-In early February, the BBC headline read "Town Bans Hanging Baskets: A group of flower enthusiasts has been hit with a ban on some hanging baskets after fears they posed a public risk"-for the townspeople of Bury St Edmunds, it looked as though the town's annual summer floral display, "Bury in Bloom," would be compromised when the Suffolk City Council issued a warning that the town's lampposts could not withstand the weighty, hanging baskets of geraniums and fuchsias that summer, and posed a safety risk despite Bury in Bloom's enjoying a seventeen-year history without incident.

* Featured Left to Right: Michael Ames, Chairman, St. Edmunds Bury in Bloom and the Borough Council; Leeann Lavin, Duchess Designs; Councillor Frank Warby, Mayor of Bury St. Edmunds; and David Rees, Bury St. Edmunds Council.

Leeann Lavin, hangingplanters, planters, planter flower boxes, planter box window kits,planter box deck kits, decorative plant holders, over-the-railing holders, specialty planters,garden specialist, landscape designer, and garden historian of Duchess Designs, Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, acted quickly upon hearing news of the ban. Lavin promptly located the town, contacted Michael Ames, committee chairman of Bury in Bloom, and donated a selection from The Garden Pendant Collection®©, her innovative and artfully designed lightweight hanging planters from Duchess Designs, to the delight of the townspeople.



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