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The Rumson Rambler Hanging Planter

Leeann Lavin has enjoyed visiting gardens around the world and especially in her home state of New Jersey – the Garden State! The Duchess Designs Garden Pendant Collection hanging planter designs incorporate the inspired gardens she has toured, her passion for plants and garden art, as well as her love of nature and the natural environment. The Rumson Rambler, one of the most popular decorative flower pots, was inspired by the elegant estate gardens Leeann has toured over the years – for inspiration, pleasure, and as research in order to write about them for newspapers and magazines. An interesting feature subject: Nathan Barrett completed the garden design at the Rohalian estate in Rumson. It was here that the statue of the god Pan was on display in Rohalian’s rose garden, Pan was stolen, thought gone forever, and now, visitors to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York can view Pan in a garden there! In much the same tradition as Newport, The Rumson Rambler Garden Pendant hanging flower pot echoes the garden history and classical look of Rumson’s seaside heritage.

Specialty Planters

In addition, Leeann has written about gardens – from Cuba to China. Lavin’s shared her research, in turn contributing to the background about Nathan Barrett for the landscape architect’s inclusion in “Pioneers of Landscape Design,” citing his work at Rohalian in Rumson and his work in Elberon, NJ for railroad magnate, George Pullman, as well as Barrett’s landscape design for railroad stations in New Jersey.

Indoor planter choices

Having trouble finding the right vertical look for your “garden room?” The Garden Pendant Collection offers a wide array of indoor and outdoor planter designs to choose from. The hanging planter design is the focus of the Collection, with several options inspired by both classic and modern visions of a green life, nature, and garden art. From the refreshingly cool Sandy Hook Grass Garden Pendant, to the whimsically PINK Sea Bright Bikini, perfect for colorful flowers and lime green and textured plants, the Duchess Designs Garden Pendant Collection offers a spectacular design option and healthy plant solution for every decorative style., for every mood, season, and holiday. Think how to accessorize a garden room and pick a Garden Pendant!

Described as “room jewelry,” the Garden Pendant Collection is the perfect solution to help accessorize your garden room. Just change the plants or the hanging height to match mood or event.

View the selection today and purchase through the site's secure online payment gateway.

For more information on our garden design services, contact the designer today. Duchess Designs can create a themed garden based on your unique vision, handling everything from consultation to implementation to post-completion management.

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