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The Garden Pendant Collection's hanging planters

Designed as a collectible, the molds for the original nine designs will not be used again. Once a design is sold out - it's gone forever. The Garden Pendant Collection from Duchess Designs, available for purchase online or as part of a garden design or redesign, is a unique line based on creator Leeann Lavin's passion for art – especially garden art – and of course, the unmatched beauty of nature. One of her favorite Garden Pendants is the Rumson Rambler, inspired by the many elegant estate gardens Leeann has been fortunate enough to tour, some of which are in the design-focused and captivating town of Rumson. Another of the specialty outdoor planters that is close to Leeann's heart is the Sandy Hook Sea Grass planter, inspired by the National Park that is the gateway to the Jersey shore. These hanging pots work well with many types of plants and have an understated yet stylish and classic look. All are glazed, with a glazed 18" hanging chain that can be adjusted, or removed.




The Garden Pendant Collection features nine designs; from the ethereal Highlands Sea Glass to the kid-centric Sun, Moon, Stars and Mr. Strawberry planter pots. Customers love that the Collection offers the first lightweight, hand-painted hanging planters with a built-in water reservoir. Browse the selection of specialty outdoor planters or contact the designer today to learn more.

Beyond the Garden Pendant Collection, Duchess Designs, also offers complete garden design and build service, including garden design restorations, redesigns, on-site real estate pre-purchase consultations, as well as the creation of new, unique landscapes based on a client's personality and home design. Duchess Designs ignites a client's imagination so that if they can dream it, the design team can make it happen




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