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Hanging Pots from the Garden Pendant Collection

Leeann Lavin launched Duchess Designs to express her passion for art- especially garden art -- and to bring that perspective, context, and respect for beauty to her clients. Leeann is a watercolorist and garden writer. In addition, her travels to gardens in her home state of New Jersey - the Garden State - and around the world, provided a design platform that imbued the creation of the Garden Pendant Collection. The Collection is a line of uniquely designed outdoor and indoor planters meant to enhance any garden, garden room, indoor or outdoor space. The Garden Pendant hanging planters are created specifically for the Collection, based on inspiration from nature and watercolor art experienced and interpreted by the designer. Each Garden Pendant is designed to be a Collectible. The limited edition offers the opportunity to collect all of the featured designs or to own multiples of a favorite.

Specialty Planters

Duchess Designs - Hanging Plant Pots

The garden planter designs in the Garden Pendant Collection range from elegant to whimsical. One of the most fashionable designs is the Sea Bright Bikini hanging planter. The bright pink polka dots on these Garden Pendant hanging plant designer pots can't help but conjure happy memories of summer-time bikinis at the beach. Perfect for both outdoor and indoor flower pots, this design captures of the mood of a happy polka-dotted bikini. The bright pink colors complement the green shades of every plant. Any room will smile and bloom with these unique designs.

Indoor Flower Pots

When choosing a container, The Garden Pendant Collection offers many design options for indoor or outdoor plants – whether flowering or variegated leave patterns and textures – from ferns to begonias to succulents and tropicals -- hanging pots and planters add the perfect accent to any room. The lovely blue-green Highlands Sea Glass, for example, has an ethereal look that, combined with the right plant, adds a calming effect to many rooms. View the selection to learn more. Bright, happy, captivating colors or understated, cool tones; the Garden Pendant Collection offers a refreshing choice.


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