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The Garden Pendant Collection: Indoor Planters

The Garden Pendant Collection, as seen in the editor's choice section of Garden Center and Merchandising Management Magazine as well as on the BBC, is an innovative line of pots from Duchess Designs' guru Leeann Lavin. These indoor planters each have a unique design, created from the inspiration brought from visits to some of the world’s most imaginative and beautiful gardens. If you're looking for a hanging planter, indoor or outdoor, look no further than these fantastic pots.

Tips for a Hanging Planter indoor installation

Plants naturally add life to any room! And with thousands to choose from, you can find the best plant to match your mood or season or holiday. Decorative indoor planters are great for displaying plants, and will complement every interior and exterior design look. There is a Garden Pendant that can dazzle every room – indoors or outside- with a customized vertical plant component. The hanging planter can be hung singularly, spaced around a porch or window, in groups, and at various heights. Positioning a Garden Pendant in a garden room creates a “green” transformation, changing a simple space into an idyllic enclave of serene beauty. Duchess Designs works with clients to establish the best use of these planter designs.

After selection of the Garden Pendant and the plant to be potted, simply use lightweight potting soil, fill approximately three-quarters full; add the plant; and water till it drains out into the reservoir on the Garden Pendant. Water once a week and mist accordingly. The Garden Pendants allow the plant to “drink” as needed to stay healthy while keeping the roots from sitting in water, resulting in the all-too-common, root-rot. Plants need to “dry out” between waterings and the construction of the Garden Pendants is designed to maximize the health and long life of the plants. --------------------------Contact the designer today.

Duchess Designs

In addition to producing the Garden Pendant Collection: the best and most unique planter line on the market, Duchess Designs also offers an award-winning, complete portfolio of services: from garden writing and book reviews, home garden watercolor renderings, to garden design garden design concepts and home garden consultation to installation and general contractor management, as well as ongoing, fine gardening maintenance. Recognized for outstanding garden art, two of Duchess Designs’ work is featured in Caroline Seebohm’s recently-released book, “Cottages and Mansions of the Jersey Shore” that is a glorious celebration of the Garden state’s legacy of great home design. Also, NJ Design magazine will feature Duchess Design gardens in three issues in 2008.

Looking to create a themed garden based on your favorite piece of music, book, or film? Please view the Design Services page for specifics on what the firm offers, as well as the process from concept to installation that a client will enjoy with the Duchess Design team. Together with the client, the team inspires and creates customized, enduring garden art that will bring pleasure and pride for years to come.



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