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Duchess Designs: New Jersey Landscape Designer

Have you ever dreamed of the gardens of Italy, England, Morocco, or other exotic locales? New Jersey garden designer Leeann Lavin's Duchess Designs can make dreams of a unique garden come true. Duchess Designs has extensive, award-winning, international experience with myriad, creative, and customized designs. The principal, Leeann Lavin, is also the Director of Communications at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. She is a member of the Garden Writers Association (GWA) and writes monthly book reviews for New Jersey’s Two River Times, and has written about garden books for the Wall Street Journal’s Weekend Book review. She is an award-winning landscape designer, earning top honors in the first “Broadway in Bloom” contest. Lavin’s design work with her landscape design firm, Duchess Designs, is featured in the recently published book, Cottages and Mansions of the Jersey Shore, by Caroline Seebohm and will be highlighted in three issues of NJ Design magazine this year. She earned a Certificate of Landscape Design from NYBG and for three years has served as judge for the Greenest Block in Brooklyn contest. Lavin is also a member of MetroHort Group, and the Garden Conservancy. Duchess Designs contributes to local fundraising events and charities – especially those that benefit the environment.

EunYoung Sebazco has been the garden design Associate at Duchess Designs since 2003. Sebazco is an award-winning, multi-cultural and multi-lingual, licensed landscape architect, who has managed and developed public, private, and commercial garden designs in Korea, Japan, and the United States. She is a Certified Horticulturist in the U.S. She graduated top of her class from the New York Botanical Garden’s School of Professional Horticulture, where she was awarded the 2006 Developing Horticulture Skills Achievement. Sebazco was also awarded The Perennial Plant Association Landscape Design Award, 2007. She earned a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Tokyo Agriculture University, Japan as well as a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from ShinGu University in Korea. Sebazco provides Duchess Designs her extraordinary talent to incorporate client garden design concepts into highly detailed hand-drawn blueprints and/or computer aided renderings so that the client and design team can better understand and project what the garden design will look like upon completion. Sebazco also heads the Duchess Designs fine-gardening maintenance team of horticulture professionals who nurture the client’s gardens – from weeding, pruning, arbor work, including espalier, to winterizing the gardens and annual plantings. Presently, she also works at Randall's Island Sports Foundation in New York City where she maintains existing gardens, designed the new Waterfront, Rock, and Children’s gardens. She also creates container garden compositions, and produces flower arrangements and decoration for annual events. She is a member of MetroHort, The Perennial Plant Association, and the Garden Conservancy. Sebazco is a skilled floral and landscape photographer and she has produced the copyrighted “Colorful Plants to create a Waterfront Garden,” (2005); annual desktop flower calendars, and flower postcards.

T. Burke Honnold LLC is the outstanding landscape build and installation firm that is essential to the garden design alchemy. As noted in “Cottages and Mansion of the Jersey Shore,” Leeann says the firm’s skill and teamwork “encompasses years of experience and respect for the unique and distinctive look of the area’s native garden design.”

As a New Jersey landscape designer, Duchess Designs has created many unique, customized gardens, including native gardens, water gardens, and whimsical gardens including a zoo garden, a love gardens, a pizza garden, and dinosaur garden. A New Jersey garden design company, Duchess Designs also offers a unique line of hanging planters, The Garden Pendant Collection

New Jersey Garden Design Company

Have you just completed building the home of your dreams? Or a major renovation and now you are looking at the blank, bare remnants of what was once your yard? Have you just moved into a new home where the gardens and yard have not been tended in years? Or perhaps you’ve been feeling that your neighbors a bit too close for comfort? Do you want to present a unique entryway, driveway, patio, or deck?

If any of these thoughts have crossed your mind recently, New Jersey landscape designer Leeann Lavin of Duchess Designs, LLC can help you create an impactful, enduring outdoor living space that will add a dramatic dimension to your home. Choose from a limitless portfolio of garden design possibilities including a cool, zen-like garden retreat to a sports and recreation enclave, to outdoor garden rooms designed for dining and entertaining. With years of experience in the field and a unique artistic vision, Leeann and her New Jersey garden design company Duchess Designs begin with a consultation to determine your specific personality, passions, and lifestyle.  These unique elements will be integrated into a solid, well-constructed yet magnificent, all-season landscape design.  And like all great art – the customized garden design will provide years of endless joy and discovery and sensual pleasure.

Is your passion music? Modern art? Cinema? Sports? Duchess Designs has designed gardens to interpret the themes and moods of a variety of interests and passions--from classic rock to classical Monet. Utilizing a combination of native plants, water, and stone, along with a painterly eye for color, texture and position or placement, Duchess Designs, produces a garden room layout that includes customized walls, driveways, patios, paths, and planters that produce a complete garden composition.  Duchess Designs creates a place that is unique and truly reflects a client's personality, vision, and needs. Duchess Designs works with the current, available space to build a new garden environment that will capture your desire for the perfect green oasis.  Good garden design adds upwards of 10% to the value of a home. Duchess Designs’  creations are geared to endure for generations --providing a garden aesthetic that consistently yields more than the original investment. Contact us today to get started on your landscaping garden design.



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