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  Rumson Rambler

Garden Pendant Collection: Specialty Planters

As seen in the Editor's Choice section of Garden Center Merchandising & Management Magazine, Lawn & Garden Retailer, Country Living Magazine, The Bergen Record, and on the BBC, Duchess Designs presents the Garden Pendant Collection. The collect of specialty planters are unique designs from Leeann Lavin, inspired by her travels to various famous and fantastic gardens throughout the United States and the world. These first-ever artful hanging planters can be used in outdoor gardens and as decorative indoor planters, for kitchens, porches, home offices, and bedrooms. Any room will be enhanced by the hand-painted, custom designed, lightweight planters. The Garden Pendants can be mixed with colorful annuals or tropical plants to add timely, seasonal or themed garden-inspired accents -- like the latest fashion accessory!


Hanging planters add "green" life and sizzle to any room. The planters provide an added vertical dimension – that will add drama and depth to the garden design look. Of course, the plants help freshen and clean the air while serving to provide a calming, soothing aesthetic that will reduce stress.

Decorative Indoor Planters and more

The Garden Pendant Collection contains nine original designs. The inspired planters pay homage to nature, the environment, and the natural surroundings and gardens that designer Leeann Lavin has experienced throughout her international travels and during her weekends living in the Garden State, near the Sandy Hook National Park. The specialty planters in the collection include:

  • The Rumson Rambler, inspired by elegant estate gardens
  • Sandy Hook Grass, inspired by the dunes and sea grass in the garden state's national park
  • • Highlands Sea Glass, inspired by the glistening glass, rubbed smooth by the sea, found on the Highlands waterfront
  • Sea Bright Bikini captures the whimsical exuberance of a perfectly pink polka dot bikini as seen on the Sea Bright Beach at the Jersey Shore
  • Fair Haven Flowers, inspired by the Victorian riverfront community
  • Harbour View Tulips, inspired by a garden design client's more than 1,000 tulip plantings and the attending harbor view on the Jersey Shore
  • Lincroft Linen, inspired by the crisp, classic look of this colonial town

The Collection offers decorative indoor planters to complement any interior home design, as well as outdoor garden room designs. View the selection today to see these beautiful planter pots.


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